World’s largest flag – Flag Island makes it into the Guinness World records

World’s largest flag – Flag Island makes it into the Guinness World records

The Flag Island in Sharjah entered the Guinness World record, having raised the world’s largest flag of seventy-meter length and thirty-five meter in width. During the National Flag Day celebration on Thursday, the island broke the record for being the largest flag hoister on a fixed pole.

Trident Flagpoles, a leading company specialized in the designing of banners and flags, was chosen by the Flag Island for the preparation of the huge red, green, black and white flag.

Manager of the Flag Island, Mr.Kholood Al Junabi opined that they took pride in the new achievement which will be a milestone in their history. The commitment of the island to reflect the stature of UAE and Sharjah was also pointed out by him.

“Since its inception, The Flag Island has proudly been a venue that has the UAE flag as its central showpiece, with its aim being to inculcate the values of patriotism and loyalty to our much-loved country”, said Al Jinaibi.

Adding to the festivities, Flag Island organized a huge gathering to raise the flag in cooperation with The Higher Committee of National Day Celebrations in Sharjah.

“Inspired by Flag Day, a patriotic occasion that commemorates the accession of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the President of the UAE, we were delighted to be successful in raising the world’s largest flag. This marvelous achievement added an extra dimension to the significance of the day and captured the world’s attention to the unity of the UAE, their allegiance to their wise leadership and their pride in their flag,” added Al Junaibi.

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