Abu Dhabi police to go tough on street racers and drifters

Abu Dhabi police to go tough on street racers and drifters

Sending out tough warning to youth against bike racing and drifting, Abu Dhabi police has informed that it will take tough action against young people who indulge in reckless racing or drifting.

The police said such miscreants are not only putting their own lives in danger but also posing threat to other innocent lives on road. Colonel Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Director of the Al Ain Traffic Department of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Central Operations Sector, said that protecting the youth from traffic accidents is a key priority of the department, which will tie up with academic organisations and universities through the Youth Traffic Council.

The police department will monitor activities through patrols, investigations and smart systems. Modification of bikes, upgrading engines without approval will invite tough penalties like fine of AED 1000, impounding the vehicle under clause 73 of the Traffic Law. Drivers who cause noise pollution will be issued a ticket, according to Clause 20 of the law, as well as a fine of AED 2,000 and 12 traffic points. Watching or sharing videos of dangerous driving and races on social media, will also be held accountable, according to the law.

Police officials are of the view that parents must keep a vigil on their children’s behaviour. Elders must give proper guidance and advice to children to prevent road mishaps due to negligence.

The department also urged national traffic safety associations and the entire community to participate in promoting a positive traffic culture, to prevent the youth from driving recklessly, and help them avoid any resulting legal responsibilities.