Cozmo Travel offers affordable visa packages for families

Cozmo Travel offers affordable visa packages for families

Cozmo Travel has established itself as a prominent travel agency backed by almost a decade of experience. This time, in view of the approaching summer vacations in India, Cozmo Travel is offering special economic and affordable packages for families.


Those who are employed in the UAE can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get their families to spend summer vacations with them. Cozmo Travel is initiating this measure so as to create a lasting and extremely pleasant impression upon the minds of the Indian expats.

Cozmo Travel has retained the distinction of being the Fastest Growing Travel Management Company, a title conferred on them during the Arabian Travel Awards, because of these unique offers that they come up with. More power means more responsibility is the adage that Cozmo Travel lives by. They believe that the obtaining of awards puts the onus on them to come up with more and more innovative awards.

For a visit visa of 30 days, only a charge of Dh299 will be levied while a 90 day visa would cost about Dh775. You can log in anytime to apply for the required visa category. Cozmo Travel is supported by a robust and multilingual customer support team who address your queries and concerns with a deft expertise. Moreover, visas can be arranged within as less a duration as a few hours. This testifies to the immense popularity of Cozmo Travel amongst thousands of families who approach them for a visit visa.

Visa Changer packages have also been introduced by the company. Visa change packages for 30 days  90 days cost around Dh1075 and Dh1599, respectively. This includes the departure to any other country. Cozmo Travel has the capability to deal with the visa issue within a specific time frame and in a streamlined manner that eases the process.

Cozmo Travel has 27 outlets in the UAE, out of which 11 are in the cultural center of Sharjah and 5 are in the commercial zone of Dubai. Cozmo Travel can be accessed by logging on to With the presence of branches in all emirates in the UAE, customers can easily reach Cozmo Travel.

Those who are working in the GCC states can also avail these packages from Cozmo Travel to travel to Dubai and meet their families in the emirate. Visa extension packages are easily provided even without exiting the country, thanks to Cozmo Travel.

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