Dubai students launch rockets

Dubai students launch rockets

In a move that is perceived to be a testament to their further aspirations, over 150 students launched their personally developed rockets into the Dubai sky, yesterday.


The students were palpably excited and were seen wearing NASA space suits. The students had gathered from schools all across the UAE , in tow with their parents and guardians.


The students congregated at the parking lot of the Dubai Parks and Resorts, which formed the launching station for the the 164 rockets that had been developed by the enterprising students.


The event was organised by the Space and Rocketry Academy UAE (SARAUAE) as part of a larger framework of a space education programme for children ahead of the UAE’s launch of its first astronaut into the International Space Station (ISS) in September.


The event was supported by the UAE Space Agency, and proved to be the largest and most prominent event in the region with regard to model rocket launches. During the last 10 months, the students were introduced to space missions and other aspects of life in space.