False accusations against Kalyan; Director Sreekumar Menon charged with conspiracy case in Thrissur

False accusations against Kalyan; Director Sreekumar Menon charged with conspiracy case in Thrissur

The previous ad director at Kalyan Jewelers Mr. Sreekumar Menon, who emerged with a set of false accusations against his ex-client has become a hot topic of discussion among common circles between the parties involved. The fake allegations claimed by Sreekumar with the help of a media person from Tamil Nadu named Mathew Samuel and his YouTube channel has all been recognized baseless and bearing third-rate interests targeted to tarnish the image of Kalyan Jewelers, one of the prominent business groups in India. Narada News & Red Pix Media are together held guilty of circulating false claims against the brand. However, the fans reject this propaganda with their troll-laden comments below the same YouTube video.

The whole video by Mathew Samuel seemed to be scripted to suffice someone’s evil interests against the brand being abused. Reports say that Kalyan management has already filed a complaint in course of the same.
A plethora of online media channels have been mushrooming in the country with the solely motive of defaming companies that reject services of certain individuals, in business projects. The hesitancy in taking legal actions against these units paves way for the emergence of more events of this like. Although, Kalyan is actively progressing with necessary legal measures as informed by sources.

Kalyan with a business expertise of 108 years is questioned by Samuel in his video regarding its recent accession of a bank loan and its consumption. The speaker in the video was found warning the company’s stakeholders by claiming that Kalyan has obtained the bank loan without security.
There are clear reasons to believe Samuel’s allegations are prompted by a third force. The spokesman also raises some halfwit concerns about the floor tiles at the Kalyan owner, Mr. T S Kalyan Raman’s house.

The ad director Sreekumar Menon who used to be a regular visitor at this house extends several other fallacies, just to make all the accusations appear real. Moreover, indications of the director working with this Mathew Samuel on new business ventures have been recently surfacing. The reports of many ways of Sreekumar trying to harm the image of the well-known brand have also been getting revealed.
Indian and international mainstream media consider the whole incident to be an outright staging. The prime grounds of the entire drama being brought up by the recent event of Kalyan expelling its ad director Sreekumar Menon, who wished to gain his role back within the company due to repeated failures in his independent ventures.

Several business setbacks that mentally devitalized the director include incidents such as a prominent Indian writer taking back his script, a leading actress defying his controls to make her own choices, the flopped attempts of defaming a marked Indian actor with revenge-driven intends, the deplorable social media troll-attacks raining over his opening film directorial venture, slipping of other opportunities one after the other under different circumstances and so on.
Such a massive ego injury is also blamed upon the instance of the public learning about the director’s first film being considerably sorted by an experienced director rather than by his own potential.
As his tries to join back Kalyan failed, the company advanced with advertisement endeavors, signing contracts with certain international agencies.

Samuel has also criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi inviting the Kalyan Family to the path taking ceremony following his repeated victory in the Indian election 2019. He even accused Kalyan of raising the bank loan with the aid of such conglomerations.
It’s in the occasions of such faulty accusers hesitating to use their own identity or taking support of the mainstream media, that agencies like Narada News takes hand in rescuing and presenting such constructed scripts to aim the fall of the famous.

Raising false claims and conspiring to propagate false claims against entities through social media is considered a criminal offense in India as well as many other countries. Kalyan has set its foot forward to subject each of the discussed attacks below respective cyber laws. Reports from close acquaintances of the Kalyan Family said that the business tycoon has obtained any loan only by conforming to legalities and regulations of the nation. Lakhs of businessmen depend on bank loans today. The century-old business group is deemed transparent in all its dealings, considering its weighty experience and goodwill from the past years.

The Kalyan management expressed its certainty in having the trust of people worldwide for its undoubted credibility and proven prowess in business. They also confirmed that the legal actions will steadily proceed – – against its obvious opponents who are trying to stain its image – – along with the aid of clear cut evidences to disclose the conspiracies behind the chain of events that took place.