Heat And Negligence Killed A Six Year Old Boy

Heat And Negligence Killed A Six Year Old Boy

‘“A six-year-old child of Asian nationality died in a bus belonging to a Quran memorisation centre in Al Quoz after all the children [got off] and closed the doors,” Dubai Police said in a statement on Twitter on Saturday.’

The bus belonging to Al Manar Islamic Centre, a Quran memorisation centre,was responsible for taking the children to and fro from the centre. All the children exited the bus, and only Mohammed Farhan Faizal was left inside, due to the negligence of the driver, the doors of the bus were shut. It was only discovered three hours later, when the driver came back to drop the children at 11 am that Mohammed had been left alone in the bus. His relative told The National, that it was due to the suffocation caused by the intense diabolic heat, that Mohammed passed away. The young child from Kerela, India was buried in the Al Qouz cemetery Mosque at 5 pm on Sunday.

The bus driver and the bus supervisor are being held for questioning by the police.

Similar cases have taken place due to excessive heat and negligence of drivers in checking the well being of their fellow young and entrusted passengers. In October, 2014, a 3 year old girl died due to heat exhaustion as she got accidentally locked in the school vehicle of Al Worood Academy Private School. The school was ordered to pay a fine of Dh150,000.

There is no amount of fine, jail time, expulsion of the one in fault that can make a bereaving parent feel better. There in fact is no word in the dictionary that is there left to define a parent who grieves for their child.

The only thing that can be done is to take measures such as enhanced security in buses, or every child should to tag in before getting on and getting off the bus which can be monitored by the parents, bus driver, conductor and the school.

Our prayers are with Mohammed Farhan Faizal’s parents, and resilience to make sure that such cases do not ever happen again.

Miss Ananya Chaturvedi
Student of Media & Communications at Manipal School of Communications
Mangalore, India