Humid conditions to prevail today

Humid conditions to prevail today

In the aftermath of the rain showers that reigned over the cities of Dubai and Sharjah yesterday, the met department has predicted that the weather today will be partly cloudy. The conditions may also turn humid with the levels rising in some of the internal areas.

Yesterday afteroon, there were light showers in Al Barsha, Al Khwaneej in Dubai, in Muweilah in Sharjah and Habshan — Madinat Zayed Road in Dhafra Area.

Today, the forecasts point towards partly cloudy skies with conditions turning hazy at certain times. The humidity levels are expected to rise as evening approaches and during the wee hours of dawn.

The conditions tomorrow are expected to mimic the weather today though there may be the prevelance of more dust and haze. The northwesterly winds will be moderate to fresh and will trigger gusts holding speeds up to 45kmph.

Meanwhile, the sea is anticipated to be rough in the Arabian Gulf while conditions in the Oman Sea will swing from moderate to rough. However, Friday will see more toned down conditions in the oceans.