If you are driving on these UAE roads, keep a close eye on the speedometer

 To curb instances of speeding-related accidents on UAE roads, authorities in Ras Al Khaimah have now installed radars that will detect vehicles that flout the designated speed limits. This new measure will drastically bring down traffic accidents and casualties as speeding has been perceived to be a major factor behind the occurrence of deadly accidents and pile-ups. Additionally, prominent road signs have been erected so that motorists are well aware of the rules and will be thereby compelled to comply with the same.

The major fraction of speed-detecting radars has been deployed along the Dahisa and Seeh roads and various other spots that are privy to more speeding violations. The director of the RAK traffic and patrols department, Col Ahmad Al Sham Al Naqbi, said that the mobile radars are installed on the road from Saqr hospital to Bin Ibrahim locality and also at the Dahisa area near the new officers club.

This measure was initiated in the wake of a study that established the desirable speed limit. The capacity of the road and the number of vehicles was also considered in the overall study. The permissible speed limit on these roads is 80 kmph. However, there will be a 20 kmph buffer after which the radar will sound the alarm.