Indian artisans display wares in Abu Dhabi

Indian artisans display wares in Abu Dhabi

India is known for its rich talent of artisans from various states who wield the talent to craft souvenirs and other items that appeal to a global clientele.

Now, these artisans have congregated in Abu Dhabi to display and sell traditional handicrafts at an event that is exclusively dedicated to the same. Some of the artisans even make their wares in front of the audience.

The handicrafts are conspicuous in the use of striking colors and imagery and reflect the cultural diversity that is the hallmark of India. The skills are usually passed from one generation to the next, enabling it to remain within the realm of a single family for decades.

The event entitled “ Indian Handicraft Fair” was officially opened by the deputy head of the mission at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Smita Pant. The event is being organised by the Indian Embassy in collaboration with the Indian Business and Professional Group (IBPG) in Abu Dhabi and Indian Pavilion at Global Village in Dubai.

The event was attended by Padmanabha Acharya, president of the IBPG, Dr B.R Shetty, chairman of the IBPG, officials from the General Women’s Union (GWU) and several other eminent personalities.