Moidu Valaveettil set to enter the history books with Kannur Airport

Moidu Valaveettil set to enter the history books with Kannur Airport

The long time expat will be the first ever passenger to set foot at the new airport


Every destination has something unique to teach its visitors, and immersing yourself in a completely different world may seem scary to some but those who were willing to take the risk know firsthand that it guarantees the best learning experience. For Moidu Valaveettil, conquering fresh territory is exhilarating and one more reason why he loves to travel. Moidu, an Indian expat in the UAE for the past 30 years, crave new experiences and travel lets him tap into that craving. To Moidu, travelling to a different place, is the perfect opportunity to do something new and exciting;

“The thrill of it, starts the minute you land in a new place”.


Moidu in Georgia
Moidu in Georgia

It’s no wonder for someone who loves travel as much as he does, that Moidu would end up securing the first ticket to fly on the inaugural flight of Kannur International Airport, from Abu Dhabi to Kannur, his hometown. Even though Moidu has flown to his home country for many times over the years, still, he could barely contain his excitement, for life has given him a unique opportunity to be part of the records of history and land directly in his homeland, Kannur, for the very first time.

As Kannur International Airport gears up for its inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi to Kannur on 9th December, Moidu Valaveettil hailing from Puliyanambram, Kariyadu, will be present in the front row seat 1E, officially making him the first person to secure the first flight ticket on the first flight to the newly unveiled Kannur International Airport. Talking to Emirates PR, Moidu expressed his experience of getting the first ticket, “getting the first ticket or even any ticket on the inaugural flight is an honour in itself, as the 186 tickets for the limited seats were sold out within the first 55 minutes. Hence, securing the first ticket itself is nothing short of a miracle”.

“Travel has always been my big love since my early childhood. My excitement about flying is difficult to describe. I always wonder what makes it so special? Maybe it is the chance to admire the world from above and the feeling that I’m flying myself that makes each time remarkable. You can capture a spectacular sunrise or sunset or the fluffy clouds, it just adds more joy to the whole experience”, said Moidu.

Moidu settled in the UAE back in 1991, started his life with simple beginnings, working in a restaurant. He quickly picked up his pace and started his own business, which over time grew to be successful while his friendship network flourished along with it. As much as his enthusiasm for travel, Moidu is also renowned for his huge network of friends in the UAE. He always considers this as the biggest blessing he received from God.



When talking about his travel experiences, Moidu gets lit up with childlike excitement, “I take my family with me in all my travels, this way vacations provide a lasting benefit as well; shared memories for a lifetime. When we’re travelling, we get to discover totally different ways of doing things. We also get to understand new customs, cultures, people and places. And the best part, we’ll return home with the best souvenir of all; the memory of our incredible adventure.”

Moidu near planesOn why he loves to travel by plane, he said, “watching the wide horizon or the clouds play or the soft haze over the mountains, my head clears out and thoughts stand still before the breathtaking views. From above I can have a totally different perspective to the Earth, to the places I love and live in. In a way it provides a shift in consciousness, like watching from somebody else’s eyes. It is a feeling that I get to experience only while I’m on one of my travels, up in the clouds”.

Moidu has had the opportunity to travel the world over, to some exotic locations like Mecca, Medina, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Georgia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Ukraine, from which trip he landed just yesterday. He also had visited the prominent tourist attractions of India, such as Taj Mahal, Delhi, Kashmir, Srinagar, Jaipur, Ajmir, Ahmedabad, Bombay, Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty. But the inaugural flight to Kannur International Airport is what excites him the most nowadays.

The 4 hour Air India Express flight, scheduled to depart at 1.30pm (13.30 GMT) on 9th December will arrive at the Kannur International Airport at 7pm (19:00 GMT) is a flight for the record books. The ticket price, which started at AED670 quickly escalated to AED2470 by the end of the first hour. Moidu expressed his gratitude for being able to be part of a historical journey and said to Emirates PR that he is eagerly waiting for the 9th of December, as it will truly be a journey to remember forever.