Nadia Murad – Inspirational journey of a victim turned crusader

Nadia Murad – Inspirational journey of a victim turned crusader

“An uncommon courage in recounting her own suffering”, these are the words used by the Nobel Prize Committee to describe the achievements of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nadia Murad. Murad, who is now a household name after her ordeal came to light, was born into relative obscurity into a family of farmers in the village of Kojo in Sinjar, Northern Iraq. Her peaceful life was violently disrupted when the ISIS went on a bloody rampage across the region.

At the tender age of 19, this young girl was captured by the ruthless denizens of the dreaded ISIS and made a slave along with thousands of Yazidis. The captured women were enslaved in typical ISIS fashion while the men were summarily executed, including six of Murad’s brothers.

Young Nadia spent a grueling year as a captive in the city of Mosul where she was tortured and raped by her merciless captors. In 2015, she managed to flee her jailers with the aid of some neighbours. They led her to a refugee camp that was situated outside the stronghold of the ISIS.

Nadia remembered the details of her incarceration and the brutal torture in vivid detail and she narrated it to the United Nations Security Council in December 2015. The young woman’s story touched heartstrings around the world and the young crusader vowed to take her story to every nook and corner of the globe in order to help other survivors and also in the hope that no other woman would have to go through a similar ordeal.

Nadia is now the poster girl of Yazidi suffering after she testified about it in front of the British and European parliaments. She has also founded Nadia’s initiative, an organization dedicated to fighting for the right of women and minorities in Iraq. Nadia was also named the UN’s Goodwill Ambassador Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking in 2016.

Nadia will now be delivering a talk as the key note speaker at the third annual investing in the future conference (IIFMENA) in Sharjah. She will also be attending the prestigious Sharjah book fair, one of the key events in the literary world across the globe.