Nissar Syed honored with UAE Exchange – Chiranthana Media Award

Nissar Syed honored with UAE Exchange – Chiranthana Media Award

Senior journalist Nissar Syed has been selected for the Media Award instituted by UAE Exchange and Chiranthana, one of the popular cultural forums in the UAE. He was honored with the award considering his comprehensive contribution to online journalism.

Nissar Syed is the chairman of Asiavision Group, a popular name in the UAE with more than a decade’s experience in the nation’s media domain. He is also known to UAE’s Indian audience as the presenter of ‘Road to Mecca’, a TV show broadcasted on Asianet TV and ‘Profit & Loss’, a business show.

‘Dubai Vartha’, ‘Bahrain Vartha’, ‘Saudi Vartha’, ‘Emirates PR’, ‘Attigal Vartha’, ‘Thiruvananthapuram Vartha’ are the media portals operating under Asiavision Group. In addition to these, the group is also planning to launch media portals in other GCC countries. Technical support for the group’s online media ventures are provided by ‘Machinser Technologies’.

‘Dubai Vartha’, one of the major portals of the group was launched by Bollywood superstar Abhishek Bacchan and ‘Emirates PR’, the group’s Eglish news portal was launched by South Indian heart-throb Dulquer Salman.








Nissar Syed, a popular personality in the UAE’s Indian business and cultural space has received several accolades and honors in the past. He has also served as the news editor and program executive at ‘Radio Asia’, working with media houses such as ATN Bangla, RTV, Radio Asia 1269 AM.