Sreedevi’s death certificate confirms the cause of death as ‘accidental drowning’

Sreedevi’s death certificate confirms the cause of death as ‘accidental drowning’


Dubai Police confirmed the cause of actress Sridevi’s death as ‘accidental drowning’ through a series of tweets. “Following the completion of post-mortem analysis, @DubaiPoliceHQ today stated that the death of Indian actress Sridevi occurred due to drowning in her hotel apartment’s bathtub following loss of consciousness”, the tweet read.

However, early reports also suggest that she lost her balance and fell into the tub. It was also reported that she had traces of alcohol in her bod. Boney Kapoor’s family and a group of social workers are currently awaiting approvals for the release of the body from the public prosecutor, however, the chances of releasing the body today are slim, says the authorities. The Dubai Police officials have referred the case to the Dubai public prosecution for further  investigation.


Latest updates:

Monday, 7:25 P.M

Sreedevi’s body is likely to be embalmed by noon on Tuesday at Sonapur.


Monday, 11 P.M

There have been many speculations spreading in the online media about Sreedevi’s husband,
Boney Kapoor being interrogated on Monday as well, however, there have been no such
interrogations officially reported by Dubai police or Dubai public prosecution. As per the official
reports, Boney Kapoor only provided his testimony on Sunday morning.

Tuesday, 8:15 A.M

Dubai Public Prosecutor haven’t received the clearance for taking the body to the embalming
unit in Muhaisna.

Tuesday, 9:30 A.M

Indian Consulate officials and Boney Kapoor’s and Sridevi’s family members are still waiting to
receive an official clearance letter from the Dubai Public Prosecution.

Tuesday, 12:30 P.M

A detailed forensic report is required from Dubai Public Prosecution before releasing the body.

Tuesday, 1 P.M

The letters for the release of the mortal remains of the Indian cinema icon Sridevi Boney Kapoor
has been handed over to the Indian Consulate and the family members by the Dubai Police.
The body is now cleared for embalming.

Tuesday, 1:35 P.M

Officials from the Indian Consulate and family members have arrived at the morgue to collect
Sridevi’s body. An ambulance can be seen waiting to take the body.


Tuesday, 2 P.M

Sridevi’s body has left the morgue at Dubai Police Headquarters. The body is now being taken to the embalming unit located at Muhaisna.


Tuesday, 2:25 pm

Dubai Media Office has shared a series of tweets about the release of Sridevi’s body to her family and further confirmed the cause of her death. The case is now closed.