The famous Mapilla epicurean delight Cochin Kayees Biryani can now be savored in Sharjah

The famous Mapilla epicurean delight Cochin Kayees Biryani can now be savored in Sharjah

During the early days of the freedom struggle in the 1930s and 40s, old timers in the Kochi and Matancherry areas fondly recollect the times when the English and other foreigners would flock to the area in order to savor the authentic delicacies of the region. One of the most prominent gastronomic treat that was a chief source of attraction for these culinary enthusiasts was the inimitable Mappila Biryani.

Such was the appeal of the dish that even soldiers from the erstwhile Madras Regiment would also make a beeline to Kochi just to relish the taste of this mind-numbingly delicious dish. This unique biryani which is known as Kidavu biryani or tender beef biryani uses veal from young calves and also credits its distinct flavor to a secret blend of 30 special herbs and spices.

Today, this special Mapilla biryani is available in only one exclusive restaurant in the UAE. The Rainbow Group is backed by more than four decades of catering experience and has recently established the Cochin Kayees Restaurant at the Sharjah Grand Mall. If you want to experience the same authentic Mapilla taste, this restaurant would be an ideal gastronomic stopover. The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation and still retains the unique taste and aroma that beguiles the senses.

Usually, a plate of dum biryani that goes through as elaborate a cooking process as the tender beef biryani would not cost less than Dh 30 a plate. However, Cochin Kayees Restaurant has introduced a budget-friendly option and prices the biryani at Dh 19 per plate. Moreover, the group has also spearheaded a promotional offer for the month of September, which is aimed at spreading the legacy of the Mapilla cuisine. Accordingly, you can enjoy a plate of this special biryani at just Dh 13 a plate. So rush in and grab your very own plate of piping hot biryani at this special rate which is valid only till September 30.

The Chairman of the Rainbow Group, Johnson Manjooran said that he was trying to bring back the appeal of the Mapilla cuisine while the promotional offer will invoke awareness about its intense epicurean essence.