“V.M. Satheesh was a journalist who wrote the truth as it is” – M.A. Yusuff Ali

“V.M. Satheesh was a journalist who wrote the truth as it is” – M.A. Yusuff Ali

V.M. Satheesh (54), who has achieved a great presence in the media and social sphere of the UAE for more than two decades, passed away in a hospital in Ajman on Wednesday night. Satheesh, who arrived in UAE on a Visiting Visa last week was admitted to a hospital after experiencing a heart attack and was immediately subjected to a surgery, but by night time the situation became worse resulting in death. At 3 pm today, the body will be displayed to the public at Sonapur Embalming Center and by tonight it will be sent back to India.

V M Satheesh

Many of the news and articles he did was related to the life of the workers in the Gulf which attracted so much attention in the media. He was always at the forefront of most conferences; representing and giving voice to the problems experienced by the expatriates and migrant workers. Satheesh was an active presence in the UAE and wrote a number of investigative reports. It was his sharp, unfiltered stance and writings that made him different. His reports were compiled in a book titled ‘Distressing Counters’.

For the past few months, he was launching and operating the Xpats News and Digital Malayali portals. He has received many awards including the prestigious ‘Asiavision Media Personality’ award. Many journalists and cultural leaders expressed their memories of V.M Satheesh and their condolences through social media.

M.A. Yusuff Ali, Chairman of the Lulu Group, recalled that VM Satheesh was a true friend and journalist who wrote things as it is without filters. “His death is a terrible loss to happen to the Gulf Media, Gulf Malayalees, Intellectuals and commoners alike. I was fortunate enough to know the man in-person as well as in the media. He has been criticised for his direct language and publishing the truth with great courage many times; But in spite of all this, he didn’t budge and took his writings and news reporting to always reveal the truth”, he added. “May he be blessed with eternal peace and may his family and his colleagues find the strength to get through the hard times”, Yusuff Ali said in a special condolence message.