Vending dreams: A powerful symphony of remarkable vision and ceaseless perseverance

Vending dreams: A powerful symphony of remarkable vision and ceaseless perseverance

Yes, dreams do come true! But only we have the courage, conviction and the enthusiasm to pursue these dreams with an unflinching zeal. This is exactly what propelled Abdul Sathar to nurture a grand dream – a dream that would set him on the path to personal and professional excellence and would see its culmination in the establishment of an iconic brand that today is synonymous with quality and superiority.

Real vending machines, the market leader in the sector of vending machines in the UAE was established in 2010. However, the inspirational story behind the creation of this brand is one that can rouse the passion of budding entrepreneurs who are struggling to lend definition to their vision. Abdul Sathar started out by doing the most humble jobs at the lower echelons of companies.

In the early 2000’s, he worked as an office boy, a cleaning boy, a housekeeper, among other menial jobs and fought to make ends meet while still retaining the burning desire to do something worthwhile. He then started a vocation as a salesman and steadily rose in the company to make it to the position of manager who was influential enough to make key decisions. However, destiny had other plans for him when he lost his job owing to differences with his employer over his plans to go to India to attend to his wife who was expecting their child. Abdul Sathar seethed about this but the vision of someday establishing his own brand goaded him to march on and shrug off the despair that threatened to envelop him.

In due course after three months, his former employer requested him to join the company again with the same pay and benefits that were in place before. However, this tenacious young man declined the offer, even risking a term in jail when the employer filed a case against him.

Sathar then kick started a small company named the Real Tea Company in the Hamriyah Free Zone. He took great efforts to multitask and ran the entire gamut of the show on his own with just one car, acting as an accountant cum salesman. His determination shined through during these days of struggle when he would not rest until he had sold at least five machines in a day.

Gradually, Abdul Sathar’s willpower and resolve to excel began to reap rich dividends as he made steady and consistent progress in giving fruition to his grand vision. Today, Real Vending Machines has no real competitor and boasts of an expansive customer base that is progressively swelling.

Within eight years, Real Vending Machines has made an undeniable impact in the market combining its versatile products with unparalleled customer service. The company markets an immense array of vending machines that are customised for distinct customer requirements and can be found across homes, offices, restaurants, canteens and malls in the region.



But Sathar’s knack for disrupting markets with products that people fall in love with haven’t slackened one bit. He is now taking the hot beverages market in the GCC with ‘Rigel Instant Beverage Cups’ that are bound to change the way we have our daily tea or coffee. Rigel cups come in 6 flavours like Cappuchino, Cardamom Tea ad Hot Chocolate, and all you have to do is peel the lid, pour in hot water, stir and bingo! Your drink will be ready in an instant. The product was launched recently at the Sharjah International Book Fair and proved to be a real crowd puller.

Moreover, Abdul Sathar has also diversified his business acumen into other sectors like supermarkets and real estate while making swift inroads in market bases like the UAE and the GCC countries, with talks already focusing on exploring a foot-mark in the European market.

Abdul Sathar is an inspirational genius who took every failure in his stride and made it into a stepping stone for attaining the pinnacle of success. He is a source of unwavering motivation to young entrepreneurs who endeavor to achieve professional merit without compromising on their ideals and moral values.